Berta Caceres and the demonstrations in Los Angeles

Thursday night Hillary Clinton held a campaign rally at East Los Angeles Community College. The reception Clinton got was likely not what she thought she would get.

Outside the venue stood several hundred demonstrators who came in solidarity and with their signs to tell Hillary that she was not welcome in East LA. Multiple signs called out Clinton for what is seen by many as her contribution to the death of Berta Caceres, a Honduran activist.

Berta Caceres was killed this past March. During Clinton’s term as Secretary of State and with the US government’s interference, Honduras went through a regime change which lead to the elevation of Juan Orlando Hernández to the Presidency. This change led to Honduras’s most bloody and violent time in its history, and the turmoil is only escalating.

One can rightly debate Clinton’s role in the death of Berta Caceres. While Clinton did not personally pull the trigger she did enable the coup in Honduras, and her interference led to the dissolution of another country’s democratically elected government. Clinton used the bad judgment Bernie Sanders has accused her of using. Yes, Clinton now says her interference was wrong, but the damage she did to an entire country should not be overlooked or underplayed.

The demonstrators in East LA where there to remind Clinton and the voters in California of Clinton’s role in the destruction of another county’s democracy, the same kind of democracy she says she will support here in the United States, at least until she gets her hands on it.

Are you really willing to take that chance? I know I’m not.



Bernie Sanders is Being Treated like a Naughty Child

Bernie Sanders won the open primary in Indiana last night by over 30,000 votes. However, an American citizen would never know this fact since mainstream media has completely relegated this news event to the last page of every website or print medium.

During the round table discussion on CNN last night, whenever a pundit would bring up that Bernie Sanders was winning Indiana they would pooh-pooh this news and say that Clinton has the nomination all sewn up and Bernie is just making it harder to bring together the Democratic Party.

Newsflash to corporate media; there will be no uniting behind Clinton for many supporters of Bernie Sanders. No matter how much you tell everyone it will happen, it will not happen.

Progressives and independents are starting a new chapter in American politics and in the American landscape, and it does not involve establishment candidates and old school ideologies. If anyone is throwing a tantrum it would be the DNC and the corporate media wonks who wish Sanders would simply concede the nomination and bow to Clinton.

More than eight years ago the winds of change could be seen in the issues that meant the most to the American people. Instead of working to incorporate and embrace this new change, the DNC and the Clinton team have decided to run her campaign old school, just like establishment politicians of both major parties have been doing for over 100 years. If these folks were truly servants of the people, they would have embraced a platform wanted by so many progressive Americans long before now.

The continued treatment of Sanders and his supporters as if being dismissive of a naughty child only angers his followers into more action. Party elites were aghast and vocally demeaned the scope of the latest group, Brand New Congress.

This group of individuals, who were once employed with the Sanders campaign, is a grassroots movement which will help to develop and then campaign for progressives in all elected offices beginning as early as 2018. One of Bernie’s campaign platform issues was that his being elected President would not be enough. We need progressives in Congress to ensure real change in this country. Is having progressives in both parties a radical idea? Many of us don’t think so.

What the DNC and corporate media need to understand and embrace is that there is a new Democratic party being built right before their very eyes, and they should want to be a part of it. If not, they may get left behind.

So stop treating Bernie like a naughty child who isn’t listening to you. What Bernie did, better than all of you, was to listen to the American people and what we wanted. As Bernie has said, this election is not about him, it is about US.

Is it Time for Bernie to Become ‘Green’

Bernie Sanders has said that if he does not secure the Democratic nomination for President he will work to ensure that the GOP does not win the White House in November. What he did not say however was that he would get behind or endorse Hillary Clinton.

The vast majority of his supporters who have been polled have voiced their displeasure with the election process and have stated that they will not ‘hold their noses and vote for Clinton’. I am one of these people.

Since the last Democratic primary is not until June 14, and the filing deadline for many of the states to be listed as an Independent candidate for president in November will have passed, perhaps it is time for Bernie to become Green and run as the VP with Jill Stein who is already on the ballots in every state as the Green party candidate.

The idea isn’t all that far fetched. Unless progressives and independents get Bernie provisionally on the ballots now, many states will not count your write-in votes no matter how many people vote for Bernie.

As an example of the urgency, the filing deadline for getting Bernie Sanders on the ballot in Texas is May 9th. However, doing so would require securing 80,000 voter signatures. Has anyone on the ground in Texas already done this leg work?

It is not enough to say you are going to write-in Sanders name on the ballot. In many states the write-in candidate still must be on the ballot or have filed papers to say they are a write-in candidate. If this is not done, your vote will likely not count.

Let me emphasize once again. States are not obligated to count your write-in vote for President unless all official paperwork has been submitted.  Visit this link to see the requirements in your state.

If Clinton is able to steal this nomination (which seems almost a certainty), and we still want to further the progressive movement, we may have to consider that Bernie Sanders will need to join the ticket as Jill Stein’s VP. And that just may be his, and our, best option.


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Dear New York Times

And Dear Paul Krugman, (another Clinton shill who continues to bash Bernie Sanders for speaking the truth).

Bernie is right; this election is rigged. Only a fool does not see it. When superdelegates tie their vote to Clinton well before any other candidate has joined the election cycle we have a problem in our supposed democracy. When those same superdelegates will not vote for the candidate who won their states but stick to their guns we know something smells rotten in these democratic United States. When elections are stolen in states using clear voter suppression to change the outcomes (Nevada, Arizona, New York, Rhode Island) and when voters are wiped off of registration rolls by election board officials in New York who favor Clinton, please spare me your phony indignation by saying that Bernie is ‘calling a spade a spade’ and crying foul.

What I cannot fathom is why the DNC continues to ram this woman down our throats. What has she promised the lot of you who support her? What does she have on all of you that you continue to support her publicly? Or are all of you so afraid of the Clinton war machine and having a gun pointed at you that you bow to her whims and speak foul of others?

The real problem with you, Mr. Krugman, is that you have an audience who listens to what you have to say, even when you distort the truth and lie to make your point.

Your opinion piece proves that you are so far out of touch with the voting population that you cannot fathom why the American voter is angry and why Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump resonate with the American people.

What your piece does to further the #BernieOrBust movement is anger progressives, independents and activists in this country. We have seen how certain news rags have slanted the news or bashed Sanders because they side with Clinton, and we will not forget. The job of progressive bloggers will be to remind voters, as we approach the November election, of the hatchet job the mainstream media did on this election, and we need to stop the coronation of Clinton.

Sanders may not get the nomination in July because of fear of Clinton, but the legions of Sanders supporters will make sure that the shenanigans that have happened this election cycle are not soon forgotten.

So carry that message to your friend, Hillary.


New reporting out today shows that Hillary Clinton is failing to secure the number of votes she had in 2008.  What about her being ahead of Sanders by 2.5 million votes?  When states which hold caucus’ release voter numbers and not percentages it would be clear that Sanders is winning the popular vote.

Couple this with Clinton’s net negative favorability rating and the fact that even women don’t like her  and we have a presumptive nominee who is unelectable.

We need a real candidate who can secure the White House in November and that candidate is Bernie Sanders.  #BernieOrBust

Celebrities Should Be Seen but Not Heard

Celebrities have interjected their opinions into American politics ever since I can remember. I am not one of the many who cares, however, which candidate a celebrity endorses. What does cause me momentary flickers of anger is that these very nice Americans have an avenue to express their thoughts that most of us would give our eye teeth for.

What these celebrities seem to forget is that We, The People made them rich and famous. In some instances I think all of this fame has made them think that they are larger than life, and thus free to lecture us on how we vote and even whom we vote for. I think many of these people need to be taken down a peg, or twelve.

Many celebrities cannot put together a coherent thought about politics and politicians. Take for example the many award shows televised where celebrities are free to say anything they wish without a script. What we see time and time again is that without a script, and a cue card, many celebrities have no coherent thought string and they have nothing to say worth hearing.

The latest celebrity to voice an opinion against the #BernieOrBust movement was George Takei of Star Trek fame. I’m not sure where the disconnect comes in that Takei thinks he has the right to lecture those of us who are members of the #BernieOrBust movement, but he needs to know that his opinion should have been kept to himself and not shared. We are not small children who need to be lectured and told how and whom to vote for.

Voting in this country needs to stop being about the party and more about voting for the best candidate running for office. Takei may hold his nose and vote for Clinton but I find her lacking in moral and ethical character, and under no circumstances will I vote for her. I have already had the chance to vote for her over Bernie, and I did not do so. In fact I had the chance to vote for her over Barack Obama back in 2008 and that didn’t happen either. Under no circumstances will I hold my nose and vote for such a morally bankrupt candidate in November.

George Takei, and other celebrities, need to understand that I have vetted the candidates running for POTUS, and the best candidate running in my opinion is #BernieSanders. So I remain #BernieOrBust no matter what Takei, or any other celebrity wants me to do.

So beam yourself out of here George, and take your lecture with you.

Trolling Superdelegates

By now everyone knows the role that superdelegates may be playing in the outcome of the Democratic nominee for President. Many of these superdelegates sided with Hillary Clinton well before there was anyone else running against her. Even in states she did not win, the superdelegates are aligning with her, which of course further rankles independents, progressives and other Democrats who voted for Sanders.

Knowing that the path to the nomination for Clinton might hinge on these superdelegates, a campaign began where superdelegates were contacted and encouraged to vote the way the people in their states voted, and not how they agreed to vote over a year ago.

Somewhere along the lines recently it came to light that these superdelegates were being ‘targeted’ with vitriol and deep anger from Sanders supporters. I call out this accusation as misleading and most likely completely false. It is way too easy in this day and age to create an email or a social media account with a fake Sanders supporter background, when in reality these people are nothing more than paid Clinton trolls. For proof one need look no further than the campaign that took place just this week on Facebook by a paid Clinton troll which took down more than one pro-Sanders Facebook page.

Yes, I am calling out these supposed Sanders supporters as paid trolls and Clinton supporters who want to give the superdelegates the impression that Sanders supporters are to blame for the hate and messages being spewed towards them. I am calling a spade a spade and a fake a fake. When will the Clinton machine learn that this type of guerrilla warfare only makes progressives, independents and left leaning Democrats more determined than ever not to vote for Hillary in the fall?

While there may be some supporters of Senator Sanders who are angry at these superdelegates for not voting with the majority of the people in their own states I think more of us are appalled at the reporting taking place and have nothing to do with these tactics. Clinton on the other hand needs to lie, cheat and steal during this primary season because it is the only way she can win the nomination. If these hateful people can be traced back to a Clinton super-PAC, how many superdelegates will continue to support her? That is the research that needs to happen now and the question they need to ask themselves.

So before superdelegates call out Sanders supporters, maybe they need to look a little closer in their own backyards and remember the old saying, “Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me”.

Elizabeth Warren cannot save Hillary Clinton

Elizabeth Warren failed supporters of Bernie Sanders back in April when she did not endorse or campaign for Senator Sanders during his primary in her home state of Massachusetts, a state he lost by less than 2%. Warren’s silence during Sanders’ campaign rightly angered many in his support groups, but the underlying outcome was her lack of support showed her true colors and her cowardice. Warren, for all of her postulating against the Democratic Party elite, did not have the courage to endorse or campaign for Bernie Sanders even though she supports his platform. Her silence was deafening.

Hearing talk now that Warren would be a good VP choice for Hillary makes it easier for me to say that under no circumstances will I vote for any presidential ticket that has Clinton’s name on it, no matter who the VP is. Elizabeth Warren sold out her standing with Independents and true progressives so much so that I no longer look forward to a possible Warren presidency.

When and if this nomination is stolen for Clinton, I will work to get Sanders on the ballot in every state as the Independent candidate running for office. Registered Independent voters in this country account for 45% of the voting population, and we have an excellent chance of winning the White House in November. This political revolution might be forming to take down the two party system in the United States which is corrupt and is failing the vast majority of the American people.

Adding Warren to the ticket will be seen for what it is, a slam to Bernie Sanders. It would be Clinton’s way of getting around having to give any concessions to Sanders and his supporters because Clinton’s team believes that adding Warren would capture the Sanders’ voters who would not be able to vote for Sanders. Thus, Clinton will sail into the White House without having to adopt any of Sanders’ platform issues. Just because we are Independent voters does not mean we are uneducated nor misinformed voters. Our days of doing as the political establishment want are at an end. Adding Warren to the ticket will not save Hillary Clinton, but it will further divide the Democratic Party.  And it will declare war; progressives and independents against the Democratic Party.